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This spring, The Music Learning Foundation once again offers a Spring Concert Tour.  The Spring Tour is a great way for band members and their families to experience the thrill of traveling with the band and performing for new audiences.  The tour will feature the Beginner Band, Concert Band, Studio Honor Band, and the Jazz Honor Band.

This will be Music Learning’s 37th Spring Tour!  This event is fun for all students and their parents.  Many families make the spring tour a family event bringing along siblings and grandparents.  Traveling on the road with a band offers students the opportunity to build lasting memories with their friends as well as experience the thrills and work involved in performing for large audiences.

There is so much to do on the Spring Tour!  In addition to the social and musical benefits of the tour, we also sneak in some natural science lessons along the way.

We travel by chartered motorcoach from a central location in Dallas & Ft. Worth. Our scheduled transportation this year is planned to feature comfortable seating, a DVD player on each bus, WiFi, and more.  

Everyone performs on the Spring Tour.  First year beginner band members, 2nd and 3rd year Concert Band members, and the Honor Bands will all perform multiple times throughout the band tour.

An important part of our annual Spring Tour is concert performance.  In addition to our big concerts, members of the Jazz and Studio Band will also perform as small jazz ensembles at different times throughout the Spring Tour.