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Question: When and Where is Band Camp?

Answer: Band camp runs Sunday, June 16-21, 2024 and is at Lake Murray Lodge near Ardmore, Oklahoma.

Question: Is it a stay away camp?

Answer: Yes, campers stay at Band Camp for the duration of camp.  Campers will live in either the new hotel or a cabin next to the hotel.  The facilities are part of Lake Murray Resort and Lodge, an Oklahoma State Park.  Lake Murray Lodge re-opened with brand new guest rooms and rehearsal space in February, 2017.  The new accommodations are 4 star and a big improvement over the old lodge! The cabins are also going through a pahase of renovation.

Question: What ages participate in camp?

Answer: Band camp is open to all students who have completed the 4th grade on up through high school.  Priority is given to those students who are currently enrolled with the Music Learning Band Program or who have attended band camp within the past two years.

Question: Do many of students who have just completed 4th & 5th grade go to camp?

Answer: Yes!  About 1/3 of the camp is made up of students completing their first or second year of band.  These kids do very well at camp and come away even better musicians after their week of camp.

Question: What kind of classes are there at camp?

Answer: Band camp features a wide range of band and music classes.  Every morning students will participate in a concert band, theory class, instrument master class, music history class, and a Second instrument class.  In the afternoon, campers can play in a variety of small groups and ensembles.  We also offer music & technology classes using GarageBand, Finale, and Logic.  This year we will also offer Basics of Sound Engineering and Advanced Sound Engineering.

Question: What musical opportunities exist at camp?

Answer: The musical opportunities are endless at camp.  There are 3 different levels of concert band, 4 levels of jazz ensemble, and as many levels of jazz improvisation, brass ensemble, woodwind ensemble, and small group jazz ensembles as we need.  There are also 3 levels of drum set class, good for the beginner or the experienced drummer.  All beginners will also get to take a Second Instrument Class.

Question: What recreational activities exist at camp?

Answer: There are tons of non-band recreational activities at camp.  They include frisbee golf, horseback riding, swimming in the lake, ping pong, pool, mini-golf, 18 hole golf, water tubing, water skiing, scavenger hunts, lake cruise, go-carts, Nintendo Wii-Tournaments (Wii Sports & Guitar Hero III), karaoke, BINGO tournament, Texas Hold-em tournament, paddle boats, kayaks, canoes, water-bikes, board games, sack races, water balloon toss, and more.

Question: I see quite a few water activities.  How safe are they?

Answer: When swimming in the lake at water sports, that area is run by a team of open-water certified lifeguards, licensed by the State of Oklahoma.  Most of the water sports are in a shallow, separate part of the lake, run by the water sports team.  You will have the opportunity to opt in or opt out of the water sports activities when you sign up for camp.  Anyone in the lake must wear a personal flotation device (lifevest).

Question: So the kids can swim in the lake?

Answer: Yes, but only in the special, shallow area designated for swimming and with chaperones present.  This area is supervised by our own staff and the open-water certified lifeguards.

Question: Can I pick my own roommates for camp?

Answer: Yes.  Once you sign up for camp, you will get a form to sign up for your roommates. Depending on your room or cabin type you can have up to  6 people in a room. Pricing is based on 4 people in a room – there may be limited availability for a more private room at an additional cost.

Question: Can adults come to camp too?

Answer: Because camp space is so limited, band camp is primarily for the students.  We do bring our own staff and chaperones to camp, however.  The student to adult ratio at camp is about 6:1.  We invite a few seasoned Music Learning parents to help supervise camp.  These chaperones have been with the program for a long time and complete rigorous background checks.  If you would like to be a camp chaperone, please notify a member of our staff.

Question: What is the food like at camp?

Answer: The food at camp is pretty good.  There are 3 meals each day, plus fruit and other snacks out and available throughout the day.  All the meals are served buffet style and no-one goes hungry at camp.  Campers can also bring their favorite snacks and treats to eat too.  Some parents even send their campers (and the staff) care packages with homemade goodies too.

Question: What is this pre-camp meeting and when is it?

This year we will not have a physical pre-camp meeting.  We will present a ZOOM meeting two weeks before camp.  Our staff will also be more accessible through e-mail and phone leading up to camp.

Question: How do we get to Band Camp?

Answer: You bet.  Well send you detailed directions once you sign up for camp, but basically, from Dallas or Ft. Worth, just take Interstate 35 North into Oklahoma and exit at exit 24 for Lake Murray.  The trip should take between an hour and two hours from most Music Learning Schools.

Question: What if I can’t drive up there for camp?

Answer:  No problem.  We will most likely offer a ONE-WAY bus to camp on June 16.  The bus will depart from one location in Dallas and another in Grapevine.  There will be an additional fee for this bus ride and you can request it when you turn in your registration form for camp.

Question: Is there a bus back from camp?

Answer.  No

Question: Why?

Answer: The kids work hard throughout the week of camp and we want you to see and hear what they have accomplished.  All parents should attend the Camp Finale Concert on Friday, June 21 at 9:00 AM at Lake Murray Lodge.  You can take your child home after the concert.

Question: I’m not in a Music Learning School, what do I do?

Answer:  You can still come to camp.  While priority is given to Music Learning students and campers from previous years of band camp.  Dont worry – there is still room for you.

Question: How much does Band Camp cost?

Answer: The cost for band camp tuition depends on when you sign up for camp and on how many installments you would like to make.  You can register for camp with a small deposit today. Click here to register for Band Camp!

Question: How much extra money should my child bring to camp?

Answer: Once you sign up for camp, you will receive another camp activity packet that will help you plan your childs day at camp.  Most of the activities at camp are included in the camp tuition, but some do require a small additional cost.  These activities can be pre-paid so that your child will not need much extra money at camp.

Question: What if I have more questions?

Answer: If you have a not-so-frequently-asked-question, please click HERE to ask your question via E-Mail.  You can also call the Music Learning Camp Staff at (972) 499-0831 option 9.

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