2019 Candle Sales Fundraiser

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Music Learning Foundation Fundraiser Information

Many parents and students have been very excited about our Spring Concert Tour & Ski Trip to Crested Butte, Colorado. Many of you have also inquired about fundraising opportunities to help defray all or a portion of the enrollment fees related with the Concert Tour and Summer Band Camp. Once again, we are excited to offer you a simple, easy, and profitable optional fundraiser that will net you 50% profit to help pay for these events. Your fundraising money will go directly for your child’s Spring Band Tour Tuition, Summer Camp Tuition, or Dallas Stars Performance in March.

Important Reminders:

Fundraiser Dates: November 1 – November 15. Turn in order forms and candle proceeds to your band director on your last class day before the November 15.  **You must turn your form in directly to your band director, not the school office, no later than November 15 so that we can have the candles in time to deliver at the December Concerts.

You can give the order form to your parents to sell at work, ask your friends and neighbors if they can order candles, or sell door-to-door with your parent(s).

Remind your customers that these candles make great gifts and that they are helping you attend a concert tour or performance!

Don’t forget to bring your sample chips with you to show your customers how great these candles will smell inside their home.

Collect the full price per item when your customer places his or her order. We cannot order candles without payment. Checks can be made out to the Music Learning Foundation.

Out of town family and friends can order candles online through the Music Learning Foundation Website.  Their candles will ship directly to them.  Local friends and family should order with the attached order sheet.  Candles will be delivered at the December Area Concerts; you will deliver the candles to your customers in time for the holidays.


This fundraiser is optional, but 100% of the profit you earn goes directly to help defray the cost of your Spring Concert Tour & Ski Trip or Summer Band Camp.  Every candle order helps support Music Education right here in the Dallas / Ft. Worth metroplex.  Many band programs depend on the Music Learning Foundation to survive.  Please help us by selling at least 10 candles or items.

If everyone in your school band sells at least 10 candles, your class gets a free pizza party.

You also receive your choice of one (1) of the following prizes:

a) Direct profit ($5 per item) goes to your Spring Tour or Band Camp enrollment.


b) For every 10 items you sell, you earn 1 free ticket to the Dallas Stars Performance in March.


c) For every 10 items you sell, you earn 1 free ticket to the Six Flags Concert in May.

Remember to turn in your form and full payment no later than November 15!

For questions, ask your band director, call the Music Learning Foundation Office at 972- 499-0831 option 9, or e-mail our staff at info@musiclearning.org.

Incomplete, inaccurate, or unfunded orders will not be processed.  Please double check your orders and total funds enclosed.

This form, your completed candle order form, and full payment must be received by your band director no later than November 15.